Worth Watching list 1

American Hardcore; the History of American Punk Rock 1980 – 1986 – Paul Rachman

The Book of Eli – Albert Hughes

The Cove – Louie Psihoyos

EDGE the Movie – Marc Pierschel and Michael Kirchner

The Fantastic Mr. Fox –  Wes Anderson

Food Inc. – Robert Kenner

Kick Ass – Matthew Vaughn

The King of Kong; A Fistful of Quarters – Seth Gordon

Lives of the Artists – Ross Cairns

Man on Wire – James Marsh

The Story of Stuff – Annie Leonard

Where the Wild Things Are – Spike Jonze

Who Killed the Electric Car? – Chris Paine

The Yes Men Fix the World – Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno

October 22 2010

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