Understanding Fees Must Fall

I am currently in Boston, USA, traveling, but I wish I was in South Africa right now. The student protests that are taking place at the various universities and at parliament right now are about so much more than tertiary fee increases. I want to be at home, and at these places, instead of just sitting here in a room, making noise online, and showing my solidarity. Alas, I can only do what I can.

These peaceful protesters have faced police brutality, tear gas, stun grenades, live weapons being flashed, rubber bullets, water cannons, pepper spray and numerous other violations. Some were even arrested and charged with treason. Treason. If anything, this overreaction just shows how scared the authorities are of the public, and that is a good thing.

I do not believe that there is really anything new I can write, especially as I am not there, but here are some links and images that will hopefully better help you understand what is happening.

Understanding what is happening:

18 Powerful Images From The Frontlines Of South Africa’s Student Protests

Support the Student Struggle in South Africa

Student fees: facts, figures and observations

WATCH: Blade Nzimande gets #StudentsMustFall trending

What broke today

#WitsFeesMustFall Op-Ed: On violent protest and solidarity

Further reading:

A quick guide to being involved in the protests

A comprehensive guide to white privilege in South Africa

Fees Must Fall

Terms to educate ourselves on:

– Interpersonal Racism
– Systemic Racism
– Institutional Racism
– Structural Racism
– Internalized Racism
– Cultural Racism
– Aversive Racism
– Economic Racism
– Othering
– White Privilege

Of course, there is a lot of rhetoric and discussion all over social media as well. Just use the hashtag #feesmustfall to find them.

Power to the people.

As someone with politics that include veganism, feminism, anarchism, and intersectionality, it is only logical to see the interconnectedness of all struggles that are for collective liberation. I choose the side of the poor, the oppressed, and the voiceless every time.

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