The Better Question Essay

by Robyn Windsor

The news. They tend to focus primarily on the bad news, don’t they? Well, they also update us on the various sporting events that take place week in and week out, but the majority of the news, is bad news. So you watch the seven o’clock news, you read the daily newspaper and you’re left feeling very defeated, like the air has been forced out of your lungs, like Goku just stopped-kicked you in the chest without mercy. Now you’re left wondering where all the good news is. The answer is pretty simple; It’s all around us, it’s happening everyday, it’s just that it’s not as easy to see as all the bad is, or is it? That is your choice, your decision to make.

Aren’t you so sick of hearing the pessimists’ voice over everything? I’m not trying to play the pretend game; pretending nothing is wrong or denying the reality that our planet is going through an extremely harsh time. I’m trying to reassure, or remind you if you will, of all the good that is happening around us all the time. It just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, or the broadcast time. You can play such an important part in our planets recovery, but YOU need to make that decision, no one else. So let’s not let everyone’s hard work be done in vain.

Who says we need a ruler to measure the size of a positive change? It could be a personal change within yourself, like changing the way you treat the people around you, becoming more open minded towards different people with different belief systems, respecting all living beings… the list goes on. No matter the size, a good change is a good change none the less. These qualities can have an awesome impact externally; they can lead you to becoming more active and bring about change to those around you. Recognize the bad and take what you can from whatever situation you find it in, but don’t let it overwhelm you and hold you down. There’s a line that has always stuck with me. It’s from a film and it goes like this: “Sadness is easy because it’s surrender”. It may not apply to everyone but it’s one to think about. Complaining is about as easy as inhaling, so a complaint that lacks a solution is about as useful as an oppressive regime.

We don’t have super powers. None of us can solve all of our planets problems with the snap of our fingers (although we desperately wish we could). So don’t let it get you down, when you wake up in the morning and turn on the news and “not enough” has changed over night. Don’t be discouraged. It’s a process, a long and hard road that requires your dedication, your love, your trust, your will, your strength, your passion and your unfaltering faith, and of course it needs YOU.

So let’s give it up for all the awesome people out there, doing their bit, big or small. People fighting for justice world wide, people fighting for the salvation of our precious planet and all that inhabit it. Let’s give it up for being pro-active, for taking responsibility, for helping each other realize their own individual power and potential, and initiative, like the initiative it took to put this zine together. It is truly inspiring, encouraging and incredible to witness and be a part of. Let’s give it up for all those within the hardcore community, who never give up, who stay strong and continue to spread their positive messages of awareness and angst, and play such an important part within the movement and in the lives of so many people.

So next time you hear someone ask “What’s the point?” or “How can one person make a difference?”, you look them in the eye and you tell them that they’re asking the wrong questions. The better question to ask would be “What can I do”?

April 12 2011
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