Santa Morte Music Video and Interview

Santa Morte are a hardcore band from the east coast of São Paulo, Brazil. They e-mailed us last week and asked us to check out their music video. We thought that the message behind it is pretty cool, so we also sent them a few questions about hardcore and living in Brazil.

So, you guys are based in São Paulo, how does your local hardcore differentiate from what the rest of the world has to offer? Do you have a local ‘flavour’ to your style?

Fernando “Viruz” (Vocals): We seek to use the different influences of the band in order to diversify our sound; putting in elements of metal, Brazilian music, and we always try to merge the old school hardcore sound with a more modern one, and some breakdowns.
Caio Rodrigues (Bass): “Viruz” said it well. We differ because we do not make music based on other bands, but always mixing various influences. The Brazilian public itself is made up of a mixture of various ethnic groups and we seek to include this influence in our music.

Tell us a bit more about the band, when you formed, how you came about and where the name comes from?

Fernando “Viruz”: The band emerged in March 2011, formed by former members of other bands in the underground scene in Sao Paulo. The name comes from Mexico’s Santa Muerte – “Saint Death”; the patron saint of thieves, prostitutes and drug users. They turn to religion to find a way out of this world, we look to spend it with our music. We always try to encourage the good, dignity, character, and respect.

Your first video is for the song entitled Doped. Can you tell us more about the song?

Caio Rodrigues: São Paulo still suffers a lot from dependence on drugs such as crack, marijuana and cocaine. There is a region known as “Crackland” in the city center, where people use drugs 24 hours a day. High society looks at them with disgust and would like to see them dead, but they forget that they are people. The drug does not choose social levels. Moreover, the governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, head of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB), prefers to invest public money in oppressing drug addicts rather than investing in rehabilitation measures for drug users, so that they can live normal lives.

So the song is about the destruction associated with drugs. I assume this would go hand in hand with you guys being Straight Edge?

Fernando “Viruz”: We aren’t Straight Edge, but we respect it a lot, and have many friends and fans of the movement.

Are there any other Brazilian Hardcore bands we should know of or listen to?

“Viruz”: Treta, Paura, Gaia, Ratos de Porão.
Rick Araujo: Much of our influence is hip hop. After all, we believe that both the hip hop culture and the hardcore culture are from the street, and both are means of expression that seek to show the reality of the country. We have many Brazilian hip hop groups, such as Racionais MCs, Facção Central, Inquérito, SNJ, RZO, and others.
Robinson (Bass): You should check out Raimundos, Endrah, Norte Cartel, Way, Gloria. I also really like the aforementioned Facção Central. We have some international influences like System of a Down, Stick To Your Guns, and A Day to Remember.
Muniz (Guitar): Project 46, Coração de Herói, Infecção Raivosa, Oitão.

Can you tell us what the hardcore scene is like in Brazil? I think it’s fair to say most of our readers have absolutely no clue.

Fernando “Viruz”: The hardcore scene in Brazil today is concentrated primarily in Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo, but is very strong and united. The scene tends to grow with excellent bands that are coming out, such as John Wayne, Bayside Kings, Like a Texas Murder, Nossa Sentença, Staycore, and several other bands that are worth any hardcore show in Sao Paulo.

Lastly, where can we find you guys… Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia?

Caio Rodrigues: Thank you for the opportunity to take our message to the people of South Africa. I hope to participate more often and maybe soon play hardcore there. I ask you “like” our official facebook page, it will be a honor to welcome our fellow South Africans and be able to exchange information about the hardcore scene in both countries, and also meet South African bands. Extra special thanks to our friend Clown, who took our photos.
Fernando Viruz: You can easily find us and keep in touch on these links:

Twitter: @santamortehc

You can download the song, Doped, HERE.

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