Rich and Ross in Hong Kong interview

October 22 2010

Richard Phipson. Ross Turpin. Both names known in the South African hardcore scene. They both played in Crossingpoint (Rich played...

Worth Watching list 1

October 22 2010

American Hardcore; the History of American Punk Rock 1980 – 1986 – Paul Rachman

Foundation interview

October 21 2010

Foundation is Andrew Wright – Guitar, Hank Pratt – Guitar, Champ Hammett – Drums, Tomas Pearson – Vocals photo by...

Dustin Holmes article

October 21 2010

Dustin is a cool dude. I’ve know him for a few years now and I can tell you that he...

Reset:Renew Essay

October 18 2010

Writing a section in a new zine was not part of my to do list this year, but I guess...

Realism Essay

October 18 2010

It’s quite easy to get caught up in the doom/naysayer’s of South Africa. One glance at various newspapers and it...

Brandon van Eeden interview

October 18 2010

I think this is the fifth draft of an intro. I actually have no idea how to introduce Brandon. I...

Defeater interview

October 15 2010

photo by Cam Defeater is a band from Massachusetts, USA, that has been killing it lately. They have a full-length...

Among Friends interview

October 12 2010

Among Friends are definately one of my favourite all-time bands. Besides for making awesome music, they are some of the...