Free Sven & Natasha

Free Sven & Natasha

In July 2012 Sven and Natasha were raided and arrested in Amsterdam under a European arrest warrant. They were accused of ‘conspiracy to blackmail’ in relation to Huntingdon Life Sciences (recently rebranded as Envigo). HLS is Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory and is the most notorious and protested lab in history. The UK government has gone to extraordinary lengths to stop people protesting against HLS, with increasing targeting and repression of campaigners. Sven and Natasha have been recently extradited to the UK where they are awaiting trial later this year.

More information about the case:

What you can do:


Solidarity Actions

Solidarity is our strongest tool for building resilience to repression. Show your support for Sven and Natasha by organising actions and submitting solidarity statements and photos from your support events to

Write to Sven and Natasha and get friends and comrades to write too

Kebele Community Co-Op
14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JZ
United Kingdom
TO: Sven & Natasha

Submit a solidarity statement on behalf of your group, campaign or organisation

Protest outside UK embassies

Talk about the case, use support posters and hand out leaflets at protests, events, group meetings etc.

Do a banner drop!

Organise, host or attend info and fundraising events

Like their Facebook page and share to create awareness

Rise stands in solidarity with Sven and Natasha, and all other activists who are fighting to end oppression of non-human animals and speciesism.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
None are free until all are free.

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