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Foundation is Andrew Wright – Guitar, Hank Pratt – Guitar, Champ Hammett – Drums, Tomas Pearson – Vocals

photo by Matt Miller

Foundation is an up-and-coming name in the straight edge hardcore scene. They recently got signed to Bridge 9, have released 2 7”’s, and are already working on a full-length. “We couldn’t be happier to sign Foundation – these guys have been working hard over the last few years and officially caught our attention last summer when we were all blown away by their live show. It’s important for us as a label to have a solid, straight edge hardcore band and Foundation is the best band in that genre right now. Champion and Have Heart did great things for Bridge Nine in the past decade and after their demise we are excited to pass the torch over to Foundation.” – Chris Wrenn (B9 owner) I spoke to Champ:

(earlier) Hi Champ, just checking that you got the interview I sent you? Hope your tour is going well.

Hey pete, we got them. This tour ends this weekend and then we will have a little more free time and I will answer those questions asap. It’s currently 4am and we’re driving overnight to Cali so I wouldn’t even make sense if I answered them now. Thanks for your patience and thanks for doing a zine.

How was the tour?

We actually just finished two tours. The first being with our good friends Backtrack from New York and Harms Way from Chicago. That tour went so well, the shows were awesome and the whiffle ball games were even better. Right after that tour, we joined up with Terror, Naysayer and Gravemaker for the Keepers Of the Faith tour. We were so excited to be a part of that tour and get to know all of those guys.

photo by Alex Gibbs

Foundation is a new-comer to the Bridge 9 roster. How did that come about? And how long were you guys together before that?

We were together for about 3 years before signing with Bridge 9. Before that, we released records with Eightfold Path Records, Triple B Records, Ghetto Josh Records and Six Feet Under Records. We did our best to stay busy as a band and tour as much as we could. After releasing Hang Your Head on SFU, we did three back to back to back US tours so I guess B9 noticed how much we toured on a 4 song EP and were somewhat impressed.

Straight Edge is obviously very important to Foundation. Are all of you straight edge? Why?

Yes we are all straight edge. We all have our personal reasons for choosing this lifestyle but I know we all feel this is the best
lifestyle for us.

Do you guys stand for other things besides Straight Edge?

Tomas and Wildcat are vegetarian. Hank is vegan. We all collectively stand against organized religion as a whole. Some people have gotten the idea that we are a
Christian band and I want to say right now, you couldn’t be more wrong.

What’s the scene in Georgia like? I always had the impression that it was quite a conservative area?

I can’t speak for Georgia as a state, but Atlanta has one of the best scenes in the country. We have always had trouble keeping venues for one reason or another but there is always someone willing to take it upon themselves to find a DIY spot for shows. People always think the south is so conservative but they always find otherwise when they hang out here.

photo by Todd Pollock

Any chance you guys might consider a tour to South Africa?


photo by Kirby

“Champion and Have Heart did great things for Bridge Nine in the past decade and after their demise we are excited to pass the torch over to Foundation.” – Chris Wrenn. That’s quite a lot of pressure. What do you guys think of this statement?

Yeah that is quite a lot of pressure but we don’t think of Foundation as band that is following in the footsteps of those bands. Don’t get me wrong, Have Heart did a lot for me as a person and Foundation as a band, but we are a completely different band. It is flattering to be grouped in with those bands though.

Any chance of a full-length coming out soon?

Yes definitely. We are taking an extensive break from touring to finish writing our LP. We are a band that does things at our own pace and I know that can be frustrating for the people at B9 but the record is being written and when it’s out we will be touring on it extensively.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows?

I don’t know about the weirdest, but I do remember one time this kid having a seizure at Chain Reaction with Bane. That kind of sucked, glad he was ok though.

What do you guys do besides play in the band? Or is it more of a full-time thing?

We were all unemployed for a while and doing the band full time but reality set in that being in a hardcore band cannot cover bills despite what people think. So we all work now; I work in a shoe store, Tomas works at a dog day care, Hank works at Party City (haha), Andrew works for a valet service and Wildcat works at Starbucks.

What does the future hold for Foundation?

Finish writing and recording the LP for Bridge 9. Europe in January with our good friends Bracewar. Then god knows what as soon as the LP comes out. I hope to hit Japan and Australia before it’s all said and done.

Thanks for the interview!

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