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Photo by Jamie Moore

Expire are an awesome hardcore band from the Midwest in the US of A. They started in 2009, and have been touring and recording pretty much non-stop since. They released a demo in 2009, their Grim Rhythm 7″ in 2010, Suffer the Cycle on Six Feet Under Records in 2011, and they’ll be recording their full length, Pendulum Swings, on Bridge 9 this year. In my opinion, they are one of the most hard working bands around today. “Expire is one of the best bands in the Midwest right now and I love their take on simple and stripped-down yet super fun and heavy hardcore. If you haven’t seen this band play live yet, I recommend you do. In the meantime look up their live videos from Sound & Fury – you’ll be sold. Their Bridge Nine debut is going to be a ripper and I couldn’t think of a more complimentary band for our roster right now. We’re psyched.” – Chris Wrenn. So yeah, check them out. I spoke to Zach…

Photo by Ben Hagarty

Tell us about the beginnings of Expire. How and why did it start? Where does the name come from?
Expire started in August of 2009 like any other band. We were all friends from our previous bands and wanted to do something heavier, more straight forward and something that could tour a lot. Got together for 3 practices, wrote the demo and recorded it. The rest is history. The name didn’t really come from anywhere in particular. We didn’t want to have a band name that was just a rip of an older band’s song or album name and it just fit with the vibe of the band.

Who or what are your influences as a band?
We are all over the place as far as influences go. I’ll speak for myself and say that I love Madball.

Photo by Ben Hagarty

What do you guys do outside of Expire?
I wait around for tour to start again. I just recently quit my job but the rest of the guys work at places that are awesome about letting them off for tour so they just do that between being on the road and recording. I play a lot of basketball when I’m home and try to travel around the midwest to see friends and family on our breaks.

What is the hardcore scene in the Midwest like compared to other places that you’ve been?
Midwest hardcore is amazing. It’s a lot different from other places in the states because we aren’t as flooded with shows constantly. So when shows do come through, kids are more inclined to check them out because it’s more of a special thing. There isn’t a spoiled attitude about anything. The coasts are great but kids have a lot more options in those places where as in the Midwest, I feel like kids appreciate shows more than most places.

How important is straight edge to Expire?
Expire isn’t a straight edge band. We are all straight edge, but that’s in no way why we started the band. Straight edge is an amazing and very important thing to everyone in the band, but it’s much more personal for our group and doesn’t affect our band at all. We had a bassist who wasn’t straight edge, and that was totally cool.

Congrats on being signed to Bridge 9. What kind of impact do you think this will have on your future as a band?
We can only hope it’s for the best. Everyone at B9 has been incredibly supportive of everything thus far which is great. Between them busting their asses for us while we’re home and us busting our asses on the road, it’s really good relationship.

Photo by Adam DeGross

How does it feel to be in the Alt Press list of the top 100 bands to listen to in 2012?
I had a subscription to AP when I was 14 so it’s pretty wild to be featured in it. We got hit up about being in the magazine and felt extremely grateful for the opportunity.

You guys obviously tour a lot. You have a huge tour coming up with Cold World, Backtrack and Dead End Path. Any good tour stories to share? Best place to tour to? Best tour food?
Last fourth of July we were in Salt Lake City and after the show had a firework fight with a local group of 10 year olds. They were ruthless. I think I shot one in the face with a bottle rocket. Casualty of war. I love playing all over the country. My favorite spots are probably St. Louis, Minneapolis, Buffalo, Pomona, Seattle/Tacoma and anywhere in Iowa. I eat like a complete shithead on tour but I’m always looking for wings or burritos, no question. I have no problem getting people into shows if they bring me either of those.

Photo by Ben Hagarty

Do you guys have any sort of message/meaning that you try to bring across to people?
We write songs about what we’re feeling and things we go through. There isn’t any kind of direct message we’re trying to send out aside from do you, not anyone else. As long as you’re stoked on what you’re doing and how you’re living, then who the fuck cares what anyone else thinks.

Any upcoming bands that people should check out?
Black Ice and Bent Life from the Midwest. Both fairly new bands, both incredible.

Photo by Ben Hagarty

Any last words? Come to South Africa!
We would love to come to South Africa. Look out for our new record, Pendulum Swings, dropping in a few weeks. Support current hardworking bands, no matter if they’re your friends or you just dig their music. It’s so crucial to the longevity of hardcore.

Go check out the four part documentary of their last tour, filmed and edited by Ben Hagarty. Here’s part one:

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