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Dustin is a cool dude. I’ve know him for a few years now and I can tell you that he is a very talented, very creative person; not only in terms of art or design, but also in his beliefs, opinions, the way he interacts with people, and in his life in general. Whether we’re skating, working, practising (Dustin plays bass in Durban hardcore band, Towers) or just hanging out, Dustin always has something interesting to say or some advice to give. He has taught me a lot. Make friends with him. He is going to go far in life.

Dustin is currently finishing his B-Tech degree in Graphic Design at DUT (The Durban University of Technology). His final project can be simplified into “a study of portraying the essence of rock bands as images in the form of hand screen-printed rock posters.”

Dust sent me the proposal he handed in to his lecturers, but it is just too long to tell you about the whole thing. Basically Dustin is going to be screen-printing at least 8 of these posters, which will be for sale at his final exhibition. He will also be setting up a website where people can order them online (here and internationally). He also has other plans for this site, which you will probably find out more about in the near future.

This is an excerpt from his proposal. He doesn’t really talk like this.
“I’ve chosen to learn how to design and screen print event posters for many reasons. I found amidst working for an advertising agency for the last year and a half that I yearned to work with my hands while still using my design skills. Although I do enjoy working with computers and seeing my designs come together on a screen I do feel it is important to step away from my cubicle for a few hours a day to produce something with my bare hands so that at 2am in the morning I can emerge from my garage dirty, sweaty and sleepy but yet have something triumphant and tangible to show for my hard work.”

At the moment Dustin is busy designing these posters, screen-printing them and researching his ass off, so if you can’t get hold of him, or if he seems grumpy, you know why.

Anyway, these are some of the posters…

October 21 2010

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