Rise wants to know what you have to say. We accept original content that shares perspective and intentions with Rise. We read and review submitted content and ask that you respect our time and efforts by writing according to the following guidelines.

– Please proofread, edit and fact check your piece, we have limited resources and rely on your diligence.
– Include hyperlinks to back up facts and quotes.
– Please include at least one picture.
– To include a tweet, just include the URL to it, it will automatically pop up.
– If you are unsure how to include a video, just include the URL of the video in the text, we’ll add it for you.
– You can remove METADATA with this.
– Please do not share anything that directly or indirectly incriminates individuals. We don’t want to know who did what. If you are unsure on security culture basics, read here or listen here.

Publications are accepted that include a PDF for free download and printing (feel free to upload onto IGD) or articles from the pages inside. We do not accept ads for books and magazines.

Not all submissions are accepted. Guidelines will be adapted as needed.